1. Celebrities: Gary and Danielle Lineker

    Location: Gare Du Nord, Paris

    It seems that Gare Du Nord is a veritable hotspot for Crap Papping, you may remember my Alan Titchmarsh from earlier, well Jim Halley has added to the collection. Keenly spotting the Linekers in Paris he caught an on the hoof shot as he overtook them on the Parisian pavement. Imagine his surprise to be sat in the very same carriage on the journey back to England. Extra points for saving the Linekers dignity as they sleep by throwing them out of focus. 


  2. Celebrity: Hugh Grant

    Location: London

    Gabia Majora’s eagle eyes saw Hugh Grant filming in a hotel room in London. I’m thankful that the director didn’t want the net curtains in the back of his shot, if they had we would not be party to this thrilling Crap Pap. 


  3. Celebrities: Cilla Black and Ringo Starr

    Location: An exclusive private exhibition in London

    From an anonymous source comes these two brilliant Crap Paps. Our intrepid crap papper did not let the dark room or the fact that they were a long way away from the celebs stop them. Utilising a 12x, yes 12x zoom they were able to score these two scouse celebs. 


  4. Celebrity: Gwendoline Christie

    Location: Piccadilly, London

    Jennifer Whitehead sent me this - ‘It’s Brienne of Tarth, AKA Gwendoline Christie. It is! I was so excited but also really polite so waited until she had crossed the road and was at least 50 metres away before papping her. Last seen entering Fortnum & Mason. In her stilettos she looked about 6’8”. You can just see her in the middle of the shot, trench coat and very blonde hair.’

    Good on you Jennifer, not getting all up in a celebs grill, taking your time, waiting for the perfect moment and SNAP. A Crap Pap in the bag. 


  5. Celebrity: Oritsé Williams

    Location: Pizza Express, The O2, London

    Faux Metiére was ‘reliably informed via the group of late teen/early 20 year old girls who were sat next to our table and who started screaming upon his entry (to the Pizza Express inside the O2 last weds) that the fella in the hat is Oritsé Williams from JLS.’ 

    Faux managed to keep it cool and snap this one of a quarter of JLS. What is masterful here is that it’s not only a great Crap Pap but it also makes you want to visit Pizza Express, it looks warm and inviting, like the delicious Calzone Salami e Salsiccia, a bargain at only £12.99. Visit your local Pizza Express today, Feast, Not Fast. 


  6. CelebrityElizabeth II

    Location: BBC Broadcasting House

    Sharon Tucker spent her morning securing the perfect Crap Pap position. It paid off, that tiny turquoise dot in the centre of frame is our great leader. I like this picture a lot, here you can also see someone else priming their phone, getting ready to take a Crap Pap, although I think they may have missed the opportunity as this is the only angle I’ve been sent. 

    God bless Sharon Tucker, and God bless the Queen. 


  7. Celebrity: Warwick Davis

    Location: Pat’s Greeting Cards, Launceston 

    I know what you’re thinking….where is he?

    My thoughts exactly. Is he in the reflection of a window like previous posts? No? Is that child in Skins? Maybe.

    Look closer. Ignore the obvious. 

    Still searching, well Hayley Butler spotted the star of Harry Potter and Star Wars perusing cards in Cornwall. ‘He’s in the doorway, top left with his son’ Tremendous work Hayley. 


  8. Celebrity: Professor Iain Stewart

    Location: Circle Line, London Underground

    Regular contributor Jamie Ryan has wowed us yet again with this excellent Crap Pap. Stealthily taken using the train door to get the Professor’s reflection. If the celebrity glanced up, all he would see was an eager train enthusiast getting a record of the train departing Baker Street. We can all learn a lot from Jamie’s technique. 


  9. Celebrity: Vanessa Feltz

    Location: Chelsea Flower Show 2013 London. 

    Eagle-eyed Sarah De Courcy spotted Vanessa heading into the Chelsea Flower show via the hospital gate entrance. A difficult Crap Pap to take as a second early or too late and Vanessa’s face could easily have been disguised by the iron fence. 


  10. Celebrity: Kiki Dee

    Location: The Pipe Gallery, Plymouth

    Lloyd Jones’ eagle eye caught Kiki Dee perusing some art. He did have to point her out for me ‘She is (of course) visible in the top left of the pic’ w/ red hair”


  11. Celebrity: Lance Reddick

    Location: Philadelphia Airport, USA. 

    Patrick Lusk forwarded these, he had this to say about his two attempts ‘Two craps in one! In the one that’s more or less in focus, you can’t recognize him, and there’s more seat than Lance. In the one where you might be able to recognize him, every object in frame is unfocused - no mean feat!’


  12. Celebrity: Rob Brydon

    Location: Strawberry Hill, London

    Regular contributor Simon Paynter spotted Mr Brydon out for a stroll with a buggy, Simon did not confirm whether the buggy had a child in it or not. Thoughtful Crap Papping, not getting up in a celeb’s grill whilst they are out and about. Shot from inside a car to keep the fuss to a minimum. Textbook Crap Pap.


  13. Celebrity: Richard McCourt

    Location: Faro Airport, Portugal

    Gemma Hughes captured this Crap Pap, here’s what she said ‘Spotted Dick or Dom off Dick  and Dom walking past the closed sweet shop in Faro airport last night. I was so tempted to shout you know what but he looked a bit mardy, probably due to the huge flight delays. Or maybe he was too hot, he was very overdressed for such a warm climate’

    Often in a Crap Pap situation you don’t have the time to get the perfect shot, it’s slightly out of focus but he is recognisable as one of those guys from that thing, excellent work! 


  14. Celebrity: Eric Cantona 

    Location: Cheshire Street, Shoreditch

    King Eric was spotted by Beach London. A passerby has managed to set the perfect Crap Pap trap, as they get their shot, a nicely framed, in focus one of Eric, Beach London were able to craftily take advantage. 

    Merv the dog does not seem impressed. Would have thought he would have been happy to see his fellow countryman. 


  15. Celebrities: James Corden and Dominic Cooper

    Location: Wembley Stadium, London

    Wembley Stadium has a capacity of 90,000. The odds are pretty high that one of those 90,000 will be a celebrity  Fortunately for Ian Douglass the odds were 1 in 45,000 when he went to the match. He spotted these two celebrities enjoying the game, and despite them being too far away to get a good picture he took this Crap Pap. 

    Thanks Ian!